About Us

Response Domestic & Sexual Violence Support Center is a program of Coos County Family Health Services (CCFHS).  Since 1979, our major objectives have included providing quality direct services to survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking and harassment, and to their families and friends, as well as school and community education. Response serves an area that covers approximately 25% of the state’s landmass.

Response Domestic & Sexual Violence Support Center believes that every person has the right to live without violence or fear of violence in their own homes.  We provide the immediate means to end the cycle of abuse and hopelessness.  We encourage our clients to make their own decisions and establish a lifestyle free of violence.  Simply by existing in the community, Response gives a voice to the fact that there are other people who have experienced family violence. Response offers a safe place to go.

Our History 

  • Late 1970’s grassroots group “Outreach”
  • 1979 became more formal group “Task Force Against Family Violence”
  • 1980 joined with newly formed CCFHS
  • 1982 added sexual assault and renamed RESPONSE to Sexual & Domestic Violence
  • 1982 expanded to Lancaster
  • 1989 expanded to Colebrook
  • 1990 opened shelter in Berlin “My Friend’s Place”
  • 2014 closed Lancaster & Colebrook office and opened Groveton office
  • 2015 changed name to Response Domestic & Sexual Violence Support Center
  • 2019 Colebrook Site re-established
  • 2021 Groveton Site moved to Lancaster being co-located with Coos County Child Advocacy Center
  • April 2021, Response absorbed additional catchment area of Upper Grafton County providing support services
  • January 2022 Littleton Site office opened