Volunteer Opportunities at Response

Volunteer opportunities within Response are limited only by a volunteer’s desire and competencies. 

The most common volunteer opportunities are:

  • support line advocacy
  • hospital advocacy
  • fundraising
  • community education and outreach

Our thorough and comprehensive training program runs (30) hours. It will give you a wealth of information on topics such as family violence (child abuse and neglect, partner abuse, elder abuse), stalking, sexual violence (child sexual abuse, adult sexual abuse, sexual harassment), human trafficking, client services and advocacy, laws, and community resources.

Our full training is mandatory for all direct service volunteer positions even if you have done this kind of work before. This training will provide privileged communication with victims as covered by NH RSA 173:C.

Response honors diversity and seeks the involvement of people from different backgrounds and walks of life. Interested people of any age, race, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, and religious or political affiliation are encouraged to apply.

Interested in Volunteering?

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Support Line Volunteer Advocate

Volunteers provide the following services through the 24-hour information and support line:

• Victim-centered, trauma-informed support, advocacy, crisis intervention, and safety planning.
• Education on the effects of domestic and sexual violence and stalking.
• Empowerment of survivors through review of their choices.
• Information about and coordination of services offered by Response.
• Information and referrals
• Hospital and police support calls 


Fundraising volunteers propose new fundraising ideas, help plan events, communicate with partner agencies, potential donors, Response staff, CCFHS Board members, and help with recruiting other volunteers for fundraising events.

Hospital Advocacy

With additional training, volunteers can become a hospital advocate to respond to sexual or domestic violence calls. The advocate meets the victim at the hospital and provides emotional support, information on the examination process, develops a safety plan, explains options, and may also include support to victim’s family and/or friends. 

Community Education and Outreach

Volunteers can provide outreach and awareness at events, as well as assist in planning and presenting at schools and within the community.


Your experience volunteering at Response will be satisfying, meaningful, and challenging. We look forward to hearing from you!